Renegotiate your Debt

It never hurts to call around to each of your creditors and attempt to have your interest rate lowered. Be familiar with your recent use of your card to show that you’re a valuable customer-someone your creditor doesn’t want to lose. Set aside some quiet time to call. If you’re unsuccessful with the telephone rep, respectfully but firmly ask to speak with a supervisor. I’ll bet you’ll have at least one or two successes on your first try.

Folks, gaining power over your finances is a series of these small steps. But those first small steps can lead to feelings of frustration and hopelessness-a feeling that the problem is so big that nothing can be done. And because we can’t solve the whole problem at once, we often discourage ourselves from even trying. I’m here to encourage you to take those small steps, and to create those good habits, that can make changes in your life.