Going Above and Beyond for Your Financial Success

Your first in-person consultation with Salinas Bankruptcy Attorney Guenther | Miller Law Group is always FREE. There is no financial obligation unless you decide to retain us.

We are one of the only local bankruptcy law firms that, in addition to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, offers the option of filing for the more complex Chapter 11.

We always have your best interests at heart. We offer all major bankruptcy filing options that are available to you. We can also suggest alternatives to filing for bankruptcy.

We go above and beyond in our commitment to your financial success by offering all of our clients access to a highly effective credit repair program. Bring your credit score back up to 720 very quickly after filing for bankruptcy with this program! This course has a $1,000 value, but when you file with us, it is FREE!

We will also continue to support you over the years in reestablishing your credit. After your case is completed, you may return annually for us to assist you in running your credit report. We will work with you in-person to ensure that it is accurate and that all information is correctly stated. If errors appear we will fight to get them corrected for you WITHOUT CHARGE!

Our staff of highly trained and experienced attorneys and paralegals are professional, courteous and committed to your case. Your success and satisfaction are our primary goals.

The high level of service we provide to our clients is incomparable. We are here for you. And remember, first consultations are always FREE.