Bankruptcy Services

bankruptcy services salinas

Immediate and Certain Relief from Debt Collectors

Get guidance through the bankruptcy process, which can otherwise be confusing and intimidating

With the help of Salinas Bankruptcy Lawyer Guenther | Miller Law Group, you can…

  • Stop creditor calls at once.
  • Halt repossessions.
  • Terminate foreclosures.
  • Lower car payments.
  • Cancel unsecured debts.
  • Stop lawsuits and wage garnishments.
  • Recover money already garnished.
  • Block tax collection actions, and in some cases cancel taxes.
  • Remove judgment liens from your house.
  • Strip a 2nd Trust Deed from your house.
  • Rebuild your credit.
You retain your dignity and self-respect. You do not have to “explain” yourself or give excuses for your plight.